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The Tour du Mont Blanc trek is an incredible opportunity to completely immerse yourself in the mountains and enjoy the natural beauty of the seven valleys that surround western Europe’s highest mountain. The trek offers an unusual variety of spectacular scenery and varied walks and you are sure to come away from this week refreshed and invigorated, if a little creaky at the joints.

The route crosses three borders (France, Italy and Switzerland), climbs over six passes, traverses beneath huge glaciers, and meanders through beautiful alpine meadows and picture-book villages. That's right, this is a truly memorable journey and one of worlds classic long-distance hiking routes.

Throughout the trek we are rewarded with splendid views of some of the Alps most beautiful peaks; Mont Blanc (4810m), Aiguille Verte (4122m), Les Drus, Grand Jorasses and many more. The full route is 166km's long with over 10,000m of ascent and descent but don't expect to cover all of that off. The itinerary has been created to show you the best of the route meaning there are a few transfers involved. Consider our route the highlights of the trip.

Free Guide: Tour Du Mont Blanc Trek Guide

Free Guide: Tour Du Mont Blanc Trek Guide

Everything you need to know about this famous trekking adventure in our free guide, including video content and our 'readiness test'.

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The Tour du Mont Blanc Trek is well suited to fit hillwalkers, capable of trekking for 7 days in a row carrying a light (5-8kg) rucksack. We follow footpaths each day and the terrain is hilly! We stay in a mixture of mountain refuges and local hotels, gites and B&Bs during the trek, which all provide basic but comfortable lodging and good food. This helps keep our packs light carrying only snacks, clothing and essentials. There will be vehicle support during the trip where possible, so a change of clothes is never far away and this helps to keep the packs light.

Not sure whether you're ready? No sweat! Drop us a note and we'll be happy to talk it through with you or check out our highlights package where you can see the best of the tour over 4 days. Learn more here.



The Tour du Mont Blanc trek's origins, unsurprisingly, are linked to the first summit of Mont Blanc. In 1760 Horace-Bénédict de Saussure, a Swiss geologist and physicist, made his first of numerous trips to Chamonix for the purpose of collecting plant specimens. In 1767 he walked around the entire Mont Blanc massif looking for a possible route to climb to the summit of the unclimbed peak.

It’s impossible to know his exact route but we imagine it wouldn’t have been too different from todays. Eventually two Chamonix men, Michel Paccard and Jacques Balmat summited Mont Blanc in 1786. Since then the Tour du Mont Blanc has become one of the most popular and famous treks on the planet.

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    9 Days

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    Chamonix, France

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    July - September

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    You’re not quite sure where to start but you’re hungry for an adventure and can’t wait to get going. Bring it on!

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Great news! Your place on this adventure is carbon offset along with our footprint in creating it. To learn more about what we're doing head to our 'Better Business' page.

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