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Covid-19 Policy

Travel With Confidence


Travel with confidence

We know things can change quickly in this new travel environment which is why we’ve put together a comprehensive COVID policy to make sure you feel comfortable when booking a trip with us. We will remain flexible, providing free date changes where possible, we will always offer a credit note if unsure when you want to travel next and we will provide a full refund when appropriate.

If you have any questions or concerns then please get in touch and we’d be happy to discuss them with you.

Scenario 1

The UK (Or your country) travel advice changes (FCO) and travellers are still permitted to travel BUT there will be a 14 day quarantine period on return to the UK.

Scenario 2

The UK (Or your country) travel advice changes and the country is downgraded to “only essential travel” – which excludes travel for tourism.

Our Response to Scenarios 1 & 2

You will be provided with two options which are: 1) reschedule to an alternative date, 2) convert your booking value into credit so you can book again in the future. We will then continue trip cancellations on a rolling basis 7 days before departure until the travel advice changes again.

Scenario 3

The host country travel advice changes and our customers from the UK (Or your country) are no longer permitted to enter the country or have to quarantine on their arrival.

Scenario 4

We are unable to deliver the trip booked due to COVID restriction in that country.

Our response to Scenario 3 & 4

We would encourage you to reschedule your trip to a date of your choice but if requested will refund the full booking, including deposit.

Scenario 5

The travel advice changes during the trip and our customers will now have to quarantine on their return but travel is still permitted.

Our Response to Scenario 5

The trip can continue as normal. If you wish to curtail your trip this is at your own discretion.

Scenario 6

The travel advice changes during the trip and the FCO now advise against all non-essential travel.

Our Response to Scenario 6

The official advice from the FCO in this scenario is that if you are able to leave immediately – you should do so, and the trip should be cut short. We will work with you to help facilitate this as soon as possible.