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We’ve teamed up with FatMap to help power your adventures. Discover, plan, track and share your outdoor adventures with this great app designed to help you in the mountains.

FatMaps comes with a ‘freemium’ model that allows you to explore the app and follow routes but in order to access the maps offline you will need to sign up to their premium account. As you’ve booked your trip through Adventure Base you can can upgrade your account to premium for free. Simply fill out the form below.


In the next few months FatMap will be providing tutorials on how to use their mapping software. It’s all very user friendly and intuitive but sometimes it’s nice to learn a few tricks. Once they, do we will add them to this page allowing you to be ahead of the game come your trek.


You can use FatMap for free but if you want to be able to use FatMap without internet or mobile connection you will need to get the upgrade. Good news though, as you can get one months free here.

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