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Introducing GivenGain

We’re proud to partner with the world’s leading non-profit fundraising platform, GivenGain. If you’re looking to fundraise for a worthy cause as part of your adventure, then please set up your GivenGain page and choose a charity of your choice. If they’re not listed, then simply follow the steps and they’ll be added before you know it.


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Why do we recommend them?

Put simply, they don’t make a profit out of your fundraising. We believe that’s the right way to do it. A Foundation themselves, they’re unique in being wholly motivated to supporting charities, and so every penny received is reinvested. Since they started, they’ve helped charities in South Africa raise over £35m, which is the equivalent of feeding 1m children for an entire year.

It’s these values, combined with providing you the best platform to fundraise that makes them special. GivenGain’s mantra is One World. Zero Barriers. 

Click here to set up your fundraising page today.

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