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Hard Bar

"Here at Hard Bar, we aim to be more than carbon neutral. We want to be carbon negative. Every Hard Bar you buy, plants a tree."


Introducing Hard Bar

I first heard about Hard Bar through word of mouth in Chamonix a few years ago. I liked the fact that the two founders are both mountain people and are based in Chamonix themselves.

In my opinion Hard Bars are the best tasting bars out there. I’ve tried a variety of different bars and snacks on my adventures in the mountains but always found them to be generally too sweet, too tasteless and / or too difficult to consume (too dry, very sticky, etc.)

Hard Bars are full of flavour and easy to eat. They are organic and micro-nutrient rich. Flavours include Apple Pie, Coffee, Banana Bread, Apricot & Kernel, Gingerbread and Orange & Cocoa, my personal favourite.

Adventure Base x Hard Bar

So why is Adventure Base partnering with Hard Bar? Is it just so we can get access to all their new flavours and samples? Well yes, partly, but the real reason is that the team at Adventure Base is passionate about partnering with companies that take environmental issues seriously.

Hard Bar take environment issues just about as serious as can be and this is highlighted by their recent announcement that they are now a ‘plastic-negative’ company.

They also plant 1 tree for every 1 bar sold and are a partner of 1% for the Planet.

We are a small, honest company and we know we can always do better so we are dedicated to working with and learning from companies who take the lead like they do

New treats on our trips

We are super excited to start introducing Hard Bars for you all on our trips. Not only for your enjoyment on our climbs, ski tours and treks but also because positive work is being done for the environment as we enjoy each bar. We will also provide exclusive discounts for anyone booked on one of our trips to buy your own stash of bars for your day to day adventures.

As Adventure Base grows we will continue to work with companies that have the right ethics in place and fit our views on the environment. We know we are not perfect. It is about learning what we can do and working with companies who are ahead of us so that we can begin to implement our own methods to help the environment that is so crucial to us all enjoying our adventures.

Can’t wait until one of our trips? Try them now!

Buy one pack, get one pack free using the code’ Onegoodthingin2020′ on https://hard.bar.
The offer includes Orange & Cocoa, Apple Pie and Gingerbread. Simply add two boxes of your choice to your cart, enter the code and only pay for one. Simples!

If you’re using this downtime to plan future adventures don’t hesitate to get in contact with our team. We’d love to hear your plans and ideas, and we would love to help put it all together and make it happen for you.

Olly Alkema (Operations Director)

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