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It’s been a long time coming but we’re super excited to launch 4 new products in the Himalayas. For too long now we’ve only dipped a little crampon in to running trips in the Himalayas but no more. We’ve gone all in and can’t wait to help you experience the magic of the Himalayas and those that live in them.

Check out the following trips:

Everest Base Camp Trek

An absolute ‘must do’ adventure, following in the footsteps of all the legendary climbers heading to the base of the highest mountain in the world, Everest Base Camp is a memorable, rewarding and impressive experience for any outdoor enthusiast. Add it to your bucket list!

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Gokyo Lakes & Everest Base Camp Trek

Our Gokyo Lakes and Everest Base Camp Trek is a must do for anyone looking to get the most bang for their Himalayan buck. Getting to Everest Base Camp at 5,364m is an amazing achievement in itself but to then head over the Cho La Pass 5,420m to see the beauty of Gokyo Lakes is a whole other experience.

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Mera Peak

Mera Peak at 6476m is the highest trekking peak in Nepal. At this altitude the oxygen content of air is less than half of what it is at sea level. It is located in the Himalayan mountain range in Nepal, a little east of the main Khumbu valley on a much quieter trail.

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Island Peak

Island Peak at 6,189m is considered one of the worlds best Adventures for any mountain lovers out there. Part trek, part mountaineering this is a trip for those looking to add a little more adrenalin to the Everest Base Camp Trek.

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