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For anyone wanting to get ahead of the game and to learn some mountaineering skills then we’ve got a number of courses that compliment our Alpine and Himalayan summit trips. They’re all 3-4 days long so as to not take too much holiday time.

Mont Blanc / The Matterhorn / The Eiger / The Monte Rosa Spaghetti Tour / Gran Paradiso 




Tackle Britain’s highest peak in the snowy winter months away from the summer crowds. Spend 2 epic days on the west coast of Scotland as you take on the challenge of climbing Ben Nevis in winter conditions, with crampons on your feet and an ice axe in your hand. Perfect introduction for hikers with a good level of fitness who are looking to dive into mountaineering. Learn more here.

Duration: 2 days / Start Location: Fort William, Scotland / Date(s): January – March



Enjoy a cultural rollercoaster ride, from the bustling streets of Marrakech to the wild and quiet Atlas Mountains, in just 5 days. Climbing Toubkal, the highest peak in North Africa at 4167m, is challenging but a great introduction for newcomers to trekking mountains. The combination of mountain and culture on this trip is what makes it extra special. Learn more here.

Duration: 5 Days / Start Location: Marrakech, Morocco / Date(s): All year



This 3-day Mountaineering Introduction Course is a fun and friendly course to kickstart your mountaineering journey. You will learn the skills you need to begin to scramble in the mountains using a rope on grade 2 and 3 scrambles. The course is delivered by a qualified Mountaineering and Climbing Instructor (MCI). This is the perfect next step in terms of progression from all those hill walks. Learn more here.

Duration: 3 days / Start Location: Capel Curig, North Wales / Date(s): April – May



Do you dream of climbing in the Alps or further afield? Are you looking to learn the skills that you need to climb peaks like the Matterhorn or the Eiger, or do you just want to try out climbing in the mountains and see if you like it or not?

This 3-day Alpine Preparation course is ideal for anybody looking to learn and progress their skills to climb in the mountains whilst having fun along the way in beautiful North Wales. You’ll spend each day climbing some of the classic routes in Snowdonia, developing your technical skills and becoming a more rounded mountain adventurer. Learn more here.

Duration: 3 Days / Start Location: Capel Curig, North Wales / Date(s): April, May/June 



Our popular Alpine Skills course set in November and December, which are wilder, colder, often snowy and far quieter months than busy summer in the Alps. The focus is on learning essential mountain skills such as crevasse rescue, ice climbing, roping up on glaciers, all in a high mountain environment. Learn more here.

Duration: 4 Nights / Start Location: Chamonix, France / Date(s): November – December


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