Our Suppliers

Adventure Base operates all of the high mountain courses and climbs available on our website. We are highly experienced in high mountain activities and have a long and successful history across the Alps and further afield. A select few trips available on our website are run by hand picked third party suppliers. All of our suppliers have links to Adventure Base for one reason or another, usually because we personally know the supplier and we have been on the trips ourselves. We therefore sell the trips in the full knowledge that they will be run to as a high a standard of quality as our own in house trips.

Cloud 9 Adventure

Cloud 9 Adventure (C9) & Adventure Base have a long standing relationship. We use C9 as an operator for many of our treks, as we know C9 can guarantee the quality of the guides, book the best huts and offer seamless logistics. The team at C9 knows the best huts, cafes and restaurants to stop in, as well as the best routes that make these trekking trips so memorable.

Bergmen Guides

We have been selling Bergmen trips in iceland for many years, and have only had positive feedback from their trips. They specialise in ski touring, ski mountaineering, heli skiing, ice and alpine climbing in Iceland & Greenland. They are committed to operate at the highest standard possible in the industry of mountain guiding in Iceland, your safety and pleasure is our highest priority.

Adventure International

We use Adventure International (AI) for our african trips such as Kilimanjaro. They design unique journeys to the world’s most extraordinary places, tailored from the knowledge of true adventure seekers and travel enthusiasts. They have an admirable company philosophy and fair pay for guides and give back to the local community.

New Route

We use the guides and logistic team at “NEWROUTE” for our Russian based courses such as Elbrus. All of their guides are know the areas around Elbrus like the back of their hands and speak perfect english. Their logistic team is efficient and professional and we have only positive feedback.

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