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For those not aware, B-Corp is a standard that aims to ensure businesses are adhering to high standards of verified performance, accountability and transparency. This covers various factors such as employee benefits, charitable giving, supply chain practices and input materials. 

There is a process whereby a business will go through an impact assessment and score themselves across various topic areas e.g. governance, workers, social, environmental and subsequently achieve an overall score, of which 80 points must be achieved to pass the initial impact assessment. The information provided in the impact assessment is then verified by the B-Labs team, who ultimately decides whether said company has reached the benchmark to become a certified B-Corp. 

For Adventure Base, B-Corp is a goal that we are aiming to achieve for a number of reasons:

  • Ultimately, B-Corp is all about continuous improvement and keeping us accountable. As a small team, prioritising areas within B-Corp without going through the certification would be challenging.
  • We want to be the first Alps based Adventure Travel business to achieve B-Corp and set the gold standard for other companies to follow. We feel that B-Corp makes real impactful differences to business and that is something that we need in regards to climate change and social action in the current day and age.
  • We also feel that as a small business, B-Corp allows us to set up good practices that will support our ambitious growth plans over the next 10 years and put good processes in place to support our staff team, suppliers and customers going forward. We are well on the way with our B-Corp journey, currently being B-Corp pending and awaiting the verification stage to begin with B-Labs UK.

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