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Lyngen Ski Tour: Frequently Asked Questions



We’ve compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions about this trip.

Hopefully you find some of these useful but if you have a specific question that isn’t covered in the FAQ’s, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

For more information please head over to our Lyngen Ski Tour trip page here.

How difficult is this trip?

We class this as a Level D difficulty. That means you’ve been on more adventures than you’ve had hot dinners and you’ve built up a crafty skill set to tackle most challenges out there. It’s go time Captain Scott!  Although we know that’s probably not quite right you can’t tackle this trip without being a competent off-piste skier and having experience of ski touring. We can help you get both but not on this trip. You will also need to come with a good base level of fitness. On some days you might be skinning for up to 5 hours so a good power to weight ratio is advised.

What insurance do I need?

Let’s face it, these types of trips don’t come risk free. We’re putting ourselves in amazing environments but also environments that carry an element of risk with them. In order to protect yourself adequately you will need a specialist travel insurance that caters for the types of activities you will be undertaking. It is a condition of our agreement that you are covered by adequate travel insurance for your arrangements.

How big will the group be?

Our ski courses will be no more than 4 people per guide. If the group is larger than 4, there will be a second guide and we will have the ability to split the group if necessary.

How do you match up people on the trip?

It is very important for you to let us know your previous experience and ski ability level before booking with us. Then we are able to match you up to suitable groups with similar abilities to make sure you get the most out of your trip.

What will we do if the weather is bad?

If you experience bad weather on the ski tour, you will be able to escape into one of the many valleys and be collected by car if necessary. With the help of your guide you will then look at your best options based on the weather forecast and snow conditions. Our aim is always to provide you with the best ski experience and we will drive to other areas if necessary to find better weather and make the most of your trip with us.

What is Lyngen?

Lyngen is a municipality in Troms og Finnmark county, Norway, known for its stunning natural beauty, including fjords, mountains, and glaciers, making it a popular destination for ski touring.

What are the risks and challenges associated with ski touring in Lyngen?

The risks and challenges associated with ski touring in Lyngen include avalanches, weather conditions, and the difficulty of the terrain. It is important to be properly equipped and prepared, and to follow the guidance of your guide, especially in remote areas.

How do I get to Lyngen for ski touring?

You can learn more about getting to Lyngen here.

What is Norwegian culture like?

Norwegian culture is known for its strong sense of community and social equality. The country values individuality, personal freedom, and a close relationship with nature. Norwegians place a high emphasis on work-life balance, and prioritise time spent with family and friends. They are known for their reserved and polite demeanor, and also have a strong tradition of storytelling, particularly in the form of folklore and legends.

What is the currency in Norway?

The Norwegian Krone is the official currency of Norway, and is also used in the territory of Svalbard.

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