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Monte Rosa Spaghetti Tour Itinerary



The Monte Rosa range lies on the border between Switzerland and Italy and is one of the best kept secrets of the Alps. Nestled within the Monte Rosa massif are 17 recognised peaks (12 that are over 4000m). Over the course of 6 days you will aim to climb up to 10 4000m peaks including Breithorn (4164m), Castor (4428m) Pollux (4092m), Naso Lyskamm (4272m), Balmenhorn (4167m), Vincent Pyramid (4215m), Schwarzhorn (4321m), Ludwigshowe (4341m), Parrotspitze (4432m), Signalkuppe (4554m) and Zumsteinspitze (4562m). Phew..!

While we try and stick to the tried and tested itinerary below, the mountain and the weather sometimes has other ideas. We will always remain as flexible as possible, which is why we only work with experienced and knowledgeable guides, to make sure we can change any plans if required.


Arrival Day

You will meet with your guide for a briefing in the evening to go through the plan for the week, as well as to discuss the current weather and mountain conditions. Here you will have a chance to go through your kit under the experienced eye of your guide and can ask any questions that you may have.


Climb Breithorn (4164m)

Meet the guides in the morning and take the Klein Matterhorn cable car. Climb Breithorn (4164m). Overnight in the Ayas hut at an altitude of 3400m.

Fatmap Track

6.9km / 577m up / 1067m down / 4-5 hours


Climb Castor (4228m) and Pollux (4092m)

Waking up early, you set off from the Ayas Hut. Traverse Castor (4223m) and climb Pollux (4092m). Overnight in the Quintino Sella hut.

Fatmap Track

6.2km / 993m up / 789m down / 4-5 hours


Naso Lyskamm (4272m), Balmenhorn (4167m), Vincent Pyramid (4215m)

Today you climb Naso Lyskamm (4272m), Balmenhorn (4167m), Vincent Pyramid (4215m). Overnight in the Gnifetti hut.

Fatmap Track

10.2km / 985m up / 967m down / 5-6 hours


4 in a Day!

Today you climb four peaks: Schwarzhorn (4321m), Ludwigshowe (4341m), Parrotspitze (4432m), Signalkuppe (4554m). Overnight in the Margherita hut, the highest hut in the Alps.

Fatmap Track

7.2km / 1331m up / 390m down / 5-6 hours


Zumsteinspitze (4562m) and descent to Zermatt

Today you climb your final peak, Zumsteinspitze (4562m). Descent to Zermatt via the Monte Rosa hut. Overnight in Zermatt.

Fatmap Track

14km / 811m up / 2211m down / 6-7 hours



Depart after breakfast.

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