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North Wales Alpine Prep Course Itinerary



Do you dream of climbing in the Alps or the bigger mountains? Are you looking to develop all the skills you need to climb routes like the Matterhorn or the Eiger or do you just want to try out climbing in the mountains and see if you like it or not?  Our Alpine Preparation course is ideal for anybody looking to learn the skills you need to climb in the mountains, and will help you develop your Alpine skills for your next big trip.

While we try and stick to the tried and tested itinerary below, the mountain and the weather sometimes has other ideas. We will always remain as flexible as possible, which is why we only work with experienced and knowledgeable guides, to make sure we can change any plans if required.


Arrival Day

Arrive anytime today. If you’re heading down to Snowdonia after work, no problem, we can accommodate late arrivals. Overnight in the Rocks Hostel.



Straight into it

Get to know your instructor over a breakfast briefing before heading straight out into the mountains. Joining this trip you will have some previous experience, perhaps even from our introduction to mountaineering course that runs just before this one. We’ll pick up where you left off and tackle a full day outdoors where we will cover the progression of specifics in mountain adventure; planning, using safety equipment, progressive climbing techniques and skills, and putting technical climbing gear to the test. Once tired out we’ll retreat to our cosy base at the Rocks Hostel.

Distance: 10-15km Elevation: 700 – 900m +- Time: 7-9 hours



Abseiling and developing skills

We’ll meet at 9am and head back out into the great outdoors. Today we’ll take what we learned yesterday and look to progress even further. We’ll focus specifically on climbing movement skills and how to abseil safely on varied terrain. Lots to take in today as we’ll also have an Alpine gear discussion in the afternoon, looking at mountaineering boots and crampons and how to get the right fit. This will take place back at the Rocks Hostel with a nice cuppa tea (or coffee!).

Distance: 10-15km Elevation: 700 – 900m +- Time: 7-9 hours



Last day already?

With all the training and learning we’ve covered over the past few days, today is the day we put everything to the test on a big classic route of the area. During the climb, your instructor may hand over the control to the group at certain times to allow for group members to lead and learn what that that feeling is like. A culmination of experiences and laughs on the final day comes to an end in the afternoon back at the car park and you can make your way back home or on to your next adventure from there. You should now feel ready to take on some bigger alpine objectives like the Matterhorn, Monte Rosa or the Eiger for example.

Distance: 10-15km Elevation: 700 – 900m +- Time: 7-9 hours

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