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We have a rule that every month we get out of the office, away from the noise and in to the great outdoors. This month Olly decided ski touring was the ticket, so we headed off to the Refuge d’Argentiere.

We got lucky with the weather, all be it unusually warm for February, but it made for a comfortable tour up in to the high mountains. Being based in Chamonix, we’ve got lots of amazing options on our doorstep. The route to the Refuge d’Argentiere was chosen as it allowed us to jump on the glacier and enjoy its vast beauty. During a trip like this, it’s hard not to feel a little humbled by the magnitude of the mountains. It helps untangle confusion and ultimately creates a sense of ‘reset’. We certainly feel better for it… or perhaps we’re just finding a way of justifying a mini adventure on a Thursday morning.

We hope you enjoy it.

PS – Make sure you watch to the end for a little plug from Olly.


For us here at Adventure Base there’s nothing we enjoy more than getting outside and in to the elements. The only thing that tops that is good company. When you combine the two it makes for something pretty special.

Sometimes we spend a little too much time behind the desk, or working out what to do rather than just doing it. Whether you’ve got mountains on your doorstep or you have to stay pretty close to home, get out and get some fresh air.

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