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We have a rule that every month we get out of the office, away from the noise and in to the great outdoors. This month we decided we needed a little adrenalin rush from a spot of Via Ferrata. Having been in lockdown here in France for a few weeks we just needed to get out of the valley and on to some rock.

Via Ferrata is ‘Iron Path’ in Italian. It is a climbing route fixed with steel cables, rungs or ladders that are fixed to the rock. Climbers have a harness and two leashes that are moved along the steel cables incase you fall. It’s a relatively safe way to move through parts of a mountain that would otherwise be extremely technical or impossible. Via Ferrata first came about in the 19th Century but is more commonly known for its role in the First World War to help troops move through the mountains.

Our mission was a simple one, get to the top safely, beat the storm and have fun. Mission accomplished…


For us here at Adventure Base there’s nothing we enjoy more than getting outside and in to the elements. The only thing that tops that is good company. When you combine the two it makes for something pretty special.



Sometimes we spend a little too much time behind the desk, or working out what to do rather than just doing it. Whether you’ve got mountains on your doorstep or you have to stay pretty close to home, get out and get some fresh air.

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