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We have a rule that every month we get out of the office, away from the noise and in to the great outdoors. This month was the big one. We took off to try and summit Western Europes highest mountain, Mont Blanc!

Mont Blanc (4810m) is the highest peak in the Alps and Western Europe. This beautiful, imposing and highly sought after summit will never disappoint and it didn’t for us. It’s a majestic peak that sits at the roof of the Alps on the border of France and Italy, has magnificent views across the rest of the Alps and entices mountaineers from all over the world year after year. We can completely understand why…

If you want to learn more about climbing Mont Blanc head over to our webpage here.


For us here at Adventure Base there’s nothing we enjoy more than getting outside and in to the elements. The only thing that tops that is good company. When you combine the two it makes for something pretty special.

Sometimes we spend a little too much time behind the desk, or working out what to do rather than just doing it. Whether you’ve got mountains on your doorstep or you have to stay pretty close to home, get out and get some fresh air.

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