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Sustainability: February Round Up



As promised in our last newsletter we have been crunching the numbers in order to get a good understanding on the total impact we are having on the climate and after some very long, cheese fuelled nights we have the final set of figures to represent our scope 1, 2 & 3. 

We have used the internationally recognised GHG Protocol as our standard for Carbon reporting as we feel that this is one of the most recognised and globally used methods for calculating emissions. It’s used by a large number of fortune 500 companies. 

You can find out more information about GHG Protocol here: 

It’s important to note that the data underpinning these figures, mostly for scope 3, has come from a survey that was sent out to clients last month. This allowed us to capture data relating to how clients travel to and from their trip locations, the type of accommodation they use and how many days they are with us for. We received roughly 50 responses and have used this sample group as an average indicator. Going forward we are putting measures in place to ensure we capture all the data we need to report with better accuracy across our scope 3 emission sources. 

Scope 1 & 2

Scope 1 & 2 for us came to a total of 40,483kg (40.4 tonnes) of CO2 for the year of 2022. This included things such as the purchase and use of energy and utilities used within our Chamonix office. It also included any business travel including flights, train, car as well as hotel stays throughout the year. Finally, we also included the merchandise and equipment we ordered and used to support our clients and the trips they go on. 


Scope 3

The total for Scope 3 came to 333,100kg (333.1 tonnes) of CO2 for the year of 2022. This included emissions from accommodation, travel to and from the starting location of their trips as well as an average for waste produced over the duration of their trip. The total number also accounts for the emissions that come from our guides who facilitate trips with our clients. Because we have used a sample of 50 clients to calculate our scope 3, we also felt it important to include a buffer to ensure we account for any anomalies that occurred outside the 50 client sample group. 



To summarise, the total impact that Adventure Base is having on the climate in terms of CO2 emissions amounts to a total of 373,583kg (373.5 tonnes) for the year of 2022. 

Next month I am aiming to release an infographic which visualises what this impact looks like, as I can appreciate numbers for most people don’t have much meaning and therefore make it harder to quantify. 

Having a firm grip on our total emissions as a company now enables us to complete the final sections on the initial run for our B-Corp Impact assessment. As mentioned in previous newsletters, we scored a total of 55.8 points out of the 80 required to pass the initial impact assessment and our focus (mostly Charlie, ahem) is now shifting to tying up some of the ends that will enable us to get our score above 80 to enter the next stage of the B-Corp journey. 

Look forward to updating you all in March on our continued progress and what happens now that we have a good understanding of our impact on the climate.


To read previous monthly updates please head to our sustainability page here.

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