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Sustainability: November Round Up



November has been a very productive month for sustainability at AdventureBase and we’re really starting to get a grasp of the impact our business is having on the environment in terms of greenhouse gas emissions. 

November Recap: Emissions Picture

We’ve successfully worked through all of our identified scope 1 and 2 emitters from within our business and are currently putting the final set of numbers through to give the figure in terms of GHG emissions from this year. Having a calculated and accurate emissions total will enable us to set reduction goals for certain metrics within scope 1 and 2; for example changing our energy providers to ensure our energy comes from sustainable sources like solar and hydro. This is just one of the examples we are currently investigating and a full list of actionable changes we are taking as a company will be published in the December newsletter. 

It is of course really important to ensure measures are being put in place to capture future GHG emissions as well. For such a small team, like the one who run AdventureBase, capturing and reporting on environmental metrics can be extremely time consuming and putting solutions in place to ensure that it’s as automated as possible going forward is one way we can improve efficiency for the team.

November Recap: B-Corporation Impact Assessment

November also saw the initial stages of our B-Corporation impact assessment completed and, pending some final information being entered for full completion, we have scored 55.8 points. The pass mark for the first stage of the impact assessment is 80 points so we have some work to do going forward. We must stress that our mission is not just to scrape by with 80 points but to go as close to the full 200 as possible and deliver truly impactful change to our business. 

December and Beyond

December will see us not only starting to put the wheels in motion to reduce our scope 1 and 2 emissions but also starting the task to calculate our scope 3. For a travel company, the vast majority of emissions sit within that scope 3 category so you can expect a friendly message from Charlie (this is your reminder Charlie) to touch base about your plans in 2023 but also to ask you about your previous travel to attend trips with AdventureBase.

I look forward to updating you with some completed statistics regarding our emissions in December. 



To read previous monthly updates please head to our sustainability page here.

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