Build Your Own Adventure
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Mini Adventures


We have a rule that every month we get out of the office, away from the noise and in to the great outdoors. For us here at Adventure Base there’s nothing we enjoy more than getting outside and in to the elements. The only thing that tops that is good company. When you combine the two it makes for something pretty special.

Sometimes we spend a little too much time behind the desk, or working out what to do rather than just doing it. Whether you’ve got mountains on your doorstep or you have to stay pretty close to home, get out and get some fresh air.


This month we decided electric fat bikes would make for an interesting outing. Neither of us have any experience doing this so it was a bit of steep learning curve but we got there in the end… sort of!

Fat bikes have been growing in popularity recently and are characterised by big chunky wheels you find on the bike. They allow for riding on soft, unstable terrain, such as snow, sand, bogs and mud which makes them pretty versatile. But that wasn’t the only thing special about these bikes as they were also electric bikes. Amazing for those uphill sections where you need a little boost and great for keeping those legs fresh when you get to the top.

For Olly and I this was our first time on an electric fat bike so we were prepared for a few mistakes and a little adventure. In many ways this is what made it so exciting for us. We knew by the end of the day we would have a much better idea as to what we needed and how to do it, but getting there was going to be fun. We’re big believers in getting out of your comfort zone and experiencing something new. If you don’t already, we encourage you all to try it… it’s addictive.


This month Olly decided ski touring was the ticket, so we headed off to the Refuge d’Argentiere.

We got lucky with the weather, all be it unusually warm for February, but it made for a comfortable tour up in to the high mountains. Being based in Chamonix, we’ve got lots of amazing options on our doorstep. The route to the Refuge d’Argentiere was chosen as it allowed us to jump on the glacier and enjoy its vast beauty. During a trip like this, it’s hard not to feel a little humbled by the magnitude of the mountains. It helps untangle confusion and ultimately creates a sense of ‘reset’. We certainly feel better for it… or perhaps we’re just finding a way of justifying a mini adventure on a Thursday morning.

We hope you enjoy it.


This month Olly decided ice climbing was the activity of choice so we called upon Pablo one of our mountain guides to show us what it’s all about. Many of you will know Pablo from your trips with us but for those that don’t, make sure you watch all the way to the very end where he’ll introduce you to his good friends…

With sandwiches and ice axes packed we headed out on the road in search of Ice. The Cascade Stassaz in Megeve to be precise, only 30 minutes away from our Chamonix office. According to the Spanish mountain goat Pablo, this winter had been one of the best for great ice. Although both Olly and I have ice climbed before, it had been a while so we were keen to get those crampons and ice axes buried in the water fall. A quick ’10 minute’ walk up to the ice fall followed be a thorough recap of the ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ from Pablo and we were on our way. Rather than go on about it, we put together a quick video of the escape. Check out our little adventure below.