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Walkers Haute Route Lunch Stops



Staying fuelled and hydrated is key to any mountain adventure. That’s why we’ve put together this helpful list of places where you can fill up a water bottle or stop for some food.

While we’ve tried to include as much as possible, things change on the trek on a daily basis. Water fountains are shut off and refuges stop serving lunch so always prepare to go most of the day with the food and water in your back pack.

Enjoy and remember, take it easy on the cheese, wine and pizza if you’ve still got a big climb to do!

11 Day / 6 Day

Chamonix to Trient

Lunch stop: Refuge du Col de Balme

Trient – Champex

Bovine Route:

Lunch stop: Alpage du Bovine / Plan de l’Au

Fenetre d’Arpette:

Lunch stop: Chalet du Glaciers / Relais d’Arpette

Champex to Cabane Mont Fort

Lunch stop: Sembracher / Le Chable / Clambin (Chez Dany) / Verbier / Les Ruinettes

Cabane Mont Fort to Cabane Prafleuri

Lunch stop: N/A take a picnic

Cabane Prafleuri – Arolla

Lunch stop: N/A take a picnic

Arolla – La Sage

Lunch stop: La Gouille (Pension du Lac Blue) / Les Hauderes

La Sage – Zinal

Lunch stop: Clems and Fabs (Lac du Moiry)  / La Marmotte

Zinal – Gruben

Lunch stop: N/A take a picnic

Gruben to Grachen

Lunch stop:N/A take a picnic (Jungen / St Niklaus late in the day)

Grachen to Europahutte

Lunch stop: N/A take a picnic

Europahutte – Zermatt

Lunch stop:  Täschalp Restaurant & Lodge


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