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Matterhorn: Frequently Asked Questions



We’ve compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions about this trip.

Hopefully you find some of these useful but if you have a specific question that isn’t covered in the FAQ’s, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

For more information please head over to our Matterhorn trip page here.

What is the Matterhorn?

The Matterhorn is a pyramid-shaped mountain peak located on the border between Switzerland and Italy. It is one of the most iconic and recognizable mountains in the world and a popular destination for mountaineers.

How high is the Matterhorn?

The Matterhorn stands at 4,478 meters (14,692 feet) above sea level.

When is the best time to climb the Matterhorn?

The best time to climb the Matterhorn is from June to September, when the weather is typically dry and stable, and the snow has melted, making the climb easier.

What are the risks and challenges associated with the climb?

The risks and challenges associated with the climb include altitude sickness, exposure to the elements, and the difficulty of the terrain. The climb also involves steep sections and exposure to potential falls, and it is important to be properly equipped and prepared, and to follow the guidance of your guide.

How many clients per guide?

For the three training days at the beginning of the week it is a 2 client:1 guide ratio. For your Matterhorn attempt the ratio is 1 clients:1 guide.

What are the guides like?

All of our guides are highly experienced and personable people. They have all been hand picked by us for their skills, character, and knowledge of the route up the Matterhorn and this is the most important thing when it comes to making key decisions in the mountains and providing the safest experience for our clients. Our guides are of various nationalities and all speak a high level of English and are very attentive. Their primary role is to get you to the summit and back safely, but they add their personal touch with stories and interesting facts about the area, making for a well-rounded thoroughly enjoyable experience. They like to share their knowledge of the mountains and their experiences, so don’t hesitate to ask questions and pick their brains.

Is there WiFi in the mountain huts?

No. All mountain huts are fairly basic and do not provide WiFi. Some huts will have phone signal but we cannot guarantee this will work at all times.

Can I store my belongings with Adventure Base when I’m in the huts?

Yes. For the duration of your trip you are able to store your belongings in your accommodation in Chamonix. Please note rooms are usually allocated on a twin share basis, in most cases sharing with others from your course.

What size backpack should I bring?

Your backpack should be between 35-45L.  It is important that your backpack has an ice axe strap to stash your ice axe when you are not using it. Your backpack must also have a rain-proof cover. Think light-weight, remember you have to carry it!

Will I definitely make it to the summit?

In short, no. Whilst we will always strive to get you to the summit safely, sometimes the weather or the conditions of the mountain don’t play ball. When there is precipitation, high winds and low visibility for example, we cannot guarantee reaching the summit and will sometimes recommend an alternative. Each Matterhorn course has a lead guide. The lead guide will always conduct a meeting with the clients and other guides the day before the Matterhorn ascent is due to begin. During this meeting the latest weather forecast, conditions of the mountain, and the clients’ own abilities to reach the summit will be discussed. Clients and guides will voice their opinions and/or concerns at the time and then decide how best to proceed. We fully trust and back our guides to make the final decision based on their years of experience on the mountain. They are entrusted to make the final call and the client must accept any decision made. All decisions will have client safety as a top priority.

What Insurance Do I Need?

Let’s face it, these types of trips don’t come risk free. We’re putting ourselves in amazing environments but also environments that carry an element of risk with them. In order to protect yourself adequately you will need a specialist travel insurance that caters for the types of activities you will be undertaking. It is a condition of our agreement that you are covered by adequate travel insurance for your arrangements. Click here to understand which one is for you.

How do I get to the start of my course?

You can learn more here.

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